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Email Campaign Review
I can look over your existing campaign and give you suggestions on how to tweak it to make it more effective. This can include changing headlines, content, or delivery schedules.
Marketing Automation
I can help with your full marketing machine, including email marketing, offer creation, copyrighting, layout, and optimization. I can work with you as a consultant or as a done-for-you service. This is custom tailored to you and your need.
CRM Review and Implementation
You may be using the wrong tools for the job, but I can help with that. I can help you choose the right CRM based on your business needs and goals.
Business Process Modeling
This service is for those who already have a business, but don’t have the tools to be as efficient or as profitable as they know they can be. This is a deep examination into your business to find where the holes are and to stop every one of them.
This is a common list of things I typically help my clients with. Should you need a customized services package, please connect with me and I would be happy to help you.